I’m looking at my laptop's background image. It’s a guy swimming in the deep blue sea. It’s a good thing the sea is blue, it’s my favourite colour and it makes me happy. I don’t know if the guy in the picture is happy, he’s looking away, wearing those flippers on his feet, those that... Continue Reading →



I had a presentation at a hospitality firm yesterday. Those posh places that you only see as you pass by to run your errands. Those places you never think about going into, just passing by.   I woke up at 4:30 a.m to prepare for it. Which was funny seeing that there were four of... Continue Reading →


For possibly everything under the sun, the incarcerated dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel, has a song for it. Politics, poverty, life, religion, education, marijuana, women, their bodies, homosexuality, his hatred for his enemies (take his word for it, he’s serving 35 to life on a murder charge)..he even did a song about credit card fraud and... Continue Reading →


Just before you get to the Muhoroni Junction on the Nairobi-Kisumu highway there’s acres of lush, green land. Sugarcane crams the landscape, the long, skinny stalks of sugarcane the only thing that separates you and the horizon. It’s a beautiful scene, and the smooth roads serve as a beautiful backdrop. We got stopped by cops... Continue Reading →


Today I’ll only spend Kes 50. I’ll only pay 30 to work and 20 back, then I’ll sit tight and hope the matatu won’t play Maina Kageni’s show in the morning, he’s a brilliant radio guy, very smart and he can sell ice to an Eskimo, and make you carry sand to the beach, but... Continue Reading →


It’s a strange question that. Who is your daddy? A straight forward question for some, and memories of a porno for others. Statistics are less than impressed with the question however, with six out of every ten Kenyan women likely to be single parents by the time they are 45.   The same statistics, and... Continue Reading →


With murmurs of a secession attempt gaining attention, Kenyans might soon have a decision to make, if a certain petition is successful. Stay united, bound only by national boundaries and not a sense of identity and face the already-identified impediments to development, or separate, after an elongated constitutional exercise, gain ‘freedom’ from each other and... Continue Reading →

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